About Us

DYNAMITE started as an independent gallery, situated in the centre of Brighton - UK. We showcased a bold and beautiful mix of contemporary art in many genres, custom toys, sculptures, pins, t-shirts and more. 

Since we launched in December 2013, we have a gained a reputation for bringing elegant, edgy and unusual work to the South East of England. 

Dealing in original, printed and sculptural work since opening, we recently made the decision to step away from gallery life and focus our time and energy into art fairs and events throughout the UK and eventually beyond. 

We now host the latest art fair to exist in South London - Brixton, a fantastic area with a rich and interesting story, in a beautiful venue not even 5 minutes from Brixton tube station. 

Whilst we host these art fairs at this venue we will also host other events throughout London and the U.K throughout the year.

Although the artistic talent is never ending, we at Dyamite Gallery carefully select artists we strongly believe in, and are certain will ignite your imagination.  


Payment Plan Option:

Artwork can be pricey, or it can be more than you have in your bank account at the moment you see a work of art that ticks all the boxes.
There is always the risk that if you do not get it right away, someone else will come along and purchase the original, or a limited edition print run could run out. 
So for this, we offer a five (5) month payment plan.


You pay a non-refundable 1/5th deposit. (All payments are non-refundable, and artwork in non-exchangeable)

You cannot take the piece away or have it delivered until fully paid off, so we will store the piece safely for you. 

Once fully paid off, you can collect immediately or have it delivered.

If you need the piece delivered by hand to you, there is a charge depending on where you are based. An invoice will be created and emailed to you. 

If this piece needs posting, then we can work cost and an invoice will be created and emailed to you.

Any questions, please get in touch